Congratulations Mathijs Van Gijtenbeek!

Mathijs Van Gijtenbeek is awarded his Masters by Research (MSc) Geology

Mathijs Van Gijtenbeek is awarded his Masters by Research (MSc) today. 

He said: "For my thesis, I tested the forensic predictive geolocation significance of human-made particulates in urban surface soils. In other words, I was testing if human-made particles such as building materials, plastics, fibres, glass in urban soils could help predict the origin of a soil found at a crime scene.


"Little is known about the predictive nature of these particles in a forensic context, and I hope that my research could be of aid in future forensic casework or research."

"The main reason for me to choose a Masters by Research was that you can dedicate your whole Masters to a topic of your interest. You don’t have to follow classes you’re not interested in. 

"Additionally, you’re more flexible with a Research Masters as you are not bound to any deadlines other than the ones you set yourself with your supervisors." 

"I am looking forward to publishing some articles deriving from my Masters by Research thesis while exploring the option of pursuing a PhD in a similar topic,"  Mathijis added.

Mathijs was supervised by Professor Duncan Pirrie, Dr Sorcha Diskin and Zella Parry of the Geoscience Research group.